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Text 1 :
Dear, Rolland
I’m afraid I won’t be able to come to the meeting on Tuesday because I want to visit my grandmother in hospital. She really wants to meet me. I don’t know when I’ll be back yet. I’ll phone you as soon as I get back.
                                                                                                                                       Kind regards
1. What is the text mainly about?
a. Daniel’s grandmother              b. Absence of the meeting          c. Rolland’s grandmother
d. Visiting someone                    e. When Daniel comes back home

Text 2 :
Most of the buffaloes in this cattle area access the road. They frequently cross the road. Dark colored buffalo are often invisible in darkness and or  fog. Drive very slowly up this area.

2. What is the message about? It is a…..
a. warning to be careful in cattle area                        b. information about buffalo
c. invitation to come into cattle area                          d. information about dark colored buffalo
e. instruction to buy buffalo

Text 3 :
Dear Joice,
I am out for a while at shopping centre. We will visit uncle Howard tonight. Have yourself and your suitcase ready shortly before 3 p.m. I’ll pick you up at 3.30 p.m. You must do what I’ve asked if you won’t be alone at home because Mom and Dad will go there too.

3. What will happen if joice is not ready with her suitcase and herself?
a.She will visit uncle Howard                 b. She will be alone at home            c. She will be picked up by Tania
d. She will go with her Mom and Dad           e. She will go to the shopping centre

Text 4 :
To : Mr. Bill Downe
Marketing Manager Balley Company
Country road, Silvermouth

Dear sir,
          I am writing to thank you for the training seminar you arranged, and to especially thank you for sending Mr. John to be our primary instructor. He did his homework well, and was more aware of our needs than any of our previous instructors. We appreciate the time he took to study samples of our work in advance so his comments were immediately applicable. We would welcome his instruction again. Please convey our thanks to Mr. John.
                                                                                                                                    Yours faithfully,
                                                                                                                                      Jacks Hall

4. What is the letter mainly about?
a. A gratitude to someone          b. An invitation to attend a seminar        c. A primary instructor
d, A training seminar                  e. An announcement about seminar

5. Which of the following is NOT about Mr. John?
a. He did his homework well       b. He studied sample of the work in advance
c. His comments were applicable soon.          D. He was the arranger of the training seminar
e. He was more aware than the previous instructors

6. “Please convey our thanks to Mr. John.”
The sentence above means ……
a. ask thanks to Mr. John                      b. ask Mr. John to say thanks             c. give thanks to Mr. John
d. answer Mr. John’s gratitude              e. Make Mr. John say thanks to the writer

Text 5 :
Dear Mr Robert,
       I am writing to complain about my school recent holiday in Bandung which was organized by your travel agency.
       Your agency claimed that the hotel was three-star quality and the all-inclusive price was paid included snacks and soft drink.
       On the fact, the hotel  was not I would consider three-star. The pillows were smelly and the bathroom was dirty. Some of the tap didn’t work. We also didn’t get snacks and soft drinks.
       I find it unacceptable that your agency sold us a tour which was different from the description. My students complained to me all the time. So I expect to be compensated for the expenses of snacks and soft drinks. I enclosed the receipt.
      We expect to receive the money and apology statement.

Yours Sincerely

Mr. Donny
1.       What is the text about ?
a. An application letter         b. A job vacancy            c. A complaint letter             d. An apology letter    
e. A recruitment letter

2.       Who is the receiver of the letter?
a. Mr. Robert family           b. Mr. Donny’s students             c. Mr. Donny’s school
d. Mr. Robert’s hotel          e. Mr. Robert’s travel agency

3.       What does Mr. Donny want Mr. Robert to do ?
a.       Apologize and change the expenses of snack and soft drink
b.       Apologize to the hotel and make changing of the hotel
c.        Buy the snack and soft drink and reserve a new hotel
d.       Clean the hotel and buy some snacks and soft drinks
e.       Apologize to the travel agency and return the money.
Text 6 :
Requirements :
  • Male, age max 30 years old
  • S1 Degree in any field
  • Having good communication skills
  • Having good self-management, energetic and having positive attitude
  • Able to work within a team
  • Having a motorcycle or car is a benefit
Please send your curriculum vitae and recent photograph to PT Sinar Bahari Sejahtera
Jl Jembatan no. 91 North Jakarta
Phone (021) 4567890
Not later than 22nd March 2011.

4.       Which of the statement is TRUE according to the text ?
a.       Candidates must have motorcycles or cars.
b.       PT Sinar Bahari Sejahtera needs a sales manager for its branch office
c.        Only S1 degree majoring in accounting candidates are allowed to propose the job
d.       PT Sinar Bahari Sejahtera must receive applications no later than 22nd march 2011
e.       Candidates must send their applications through e-mails or directly come to PT Sinar bahari Sejahtera

5.       “ Having a motorcycle or car is a benefit
The underlined word means ……
a. weakness              b. request           c. prosperity          d. deficiency           e. advantage

Text 7 :
Terra, we will finish our report this afternoon. Please meet us in Jasmine’s house at four o’clock this afternoon. Bring any materials we may need. Thanks


6.       What is the purpose of the message ?
a.       To remind terra to bring the materials
b.       To inform Terra about the time they will meet
c.        To persuade Terra to come to Jasmine’s house
d.       To inform Terra about the plan to finish the report
e.       To ask Shirley to tell where they will finish the assignment

7.       When will terra and her friends meet ?
a.       At three o’clock yesterday afternoon              b. At four o’clock yesterday afternoon
c.At three o’clock this afternoon          d. At four o’clock this afternoon        e. At four o’clock tomorrow afternoon

8.       “ Terra, we will finish our paper report….”
The underlined word has the same meaning as…..
a. complete             b. start          c. stop         d. continue         e. postpone
Text 8 :

Tomorrow we will have a camping. Pay attention to the following rules and regulations for the camping activities.
1.       Assemble at the school yard on Friday at 6 a.m. and report to the committee
2.       Bring the camping kits needed
3.       Bring food and drinks as well as drugs/ medicine
4.       Leave for the camping spot at 6.30 a.m.
5.       Behave  well either during the trip or at the camping spot
6.       Make good cooperation with the residents and the surroundings
7.       Keep the environment clean and healthy
8.       Follow the rules and regulations set by the committee
9.       Return to school on Sunday at 4 p.m

9.       What is the text about ?
a. The camping activities            b. The camping participants      c. The rules and regulations for camping activities
d. the schedule of camping activities            e. The preparation for camping activities

10.    When will the camping participants leave for the campsite?
a. in the morning        b. in the afternoon        c. at Dusk         d, in the evening        e. at night

11.    assemble at the school yard on …….”
   The underlined word means ……..
a. get              b. gather            c. scatter             d. disperse          e. separate

27. Which is TRUE according to the announcement?
A. The Students should make rules and regulations for the camping activities
B. The committee will prepare food and drink for the camping activities
C. The students should report to the committee if they leave the camping site
D.The committee will accommodate all the needs for the activities
E. The committee makes the rules and regulations for the camping activities

Text 9.
To All Third Grade Students.
All library books have to be returned on the twenty-second of May,2010.
They should be covered with non-colorful wrapping plastic.
Lost books must be replaced with the ones of similar subjects.
Fine will be charged to the late return of the books. Students who have handed
On all books will get receipts that have to be submitted to the administration Officers.

Library Staff

18.What is informed in the announcement?
a. A request to return library books                       b. The subjects of the library’s books
c. A compulsory to replace lost books                   d. The library administration officers
e. Submission of receipts.

19. What will happen if the book you borrowed is lost ?
a. You will get receipts
b. It should be covered by non-colorful plastic.
c. The librarian will be fined for a certain amount of money
d. You should cover with wrapping plastic
e. It should be replaced with similar subject

20. The word “submitted” has the same meaning as…..
a. handed up         b. transformed         c. replaced         d. included      e. handed in


Narrative text : Jumbled test


Rearrange these sentences to make a good narrative text.
No 1.
1.One upon a time, there reigned in East Java a  king named Sindureja.
2,Sidupaksa had a very beautiful wife.
3.He had a prime minister named Sidupaksa.
4.They lived in complete happiness.
5.Each day she tried to think a way to separate Sidupaksa from his wife.
6.Sidupaksa loved his wife deeply.
7.However, Sidupaksa’s mother didn’t like her daughter-in-law.
The best arrangement is …
a.1-3-2-6-4-7-5      b.1-4-6-3-7-5-2   c.1-2-4-7-6-3-5
d.1-6-5-3-2-4-7      e.1-6-4-3-7-5-2

No.2. The Pigeon and the Ant
1.  The pigeon saw this and wanted to help her.
2.  The ant climbed on to the grass and saved to the dry land.
3.   Once upon a time there was once a very happy pigeon.
4.  He picked up a blade of grass and dropped it quite close to the ant.
5.   He liked to splash in the water of the stream.
6.   One day an ant fell into the stream accidentally.
 The correct arrangement of the sentences above is ….
A. 3-5-4-1-6-2     B. 3-6-5-2-4-1       C. 3-5-6-1-4-2
D. 3-5-4-1-2-6     E. 6-1-4-3-5-2

1. He had some beautiful daughter.
2. It rolled into the well and began to cry.
3. Since that time it always stay close to the princess.
4. One day she played with her golden ball.
5. There was a frog that was willing to help her.
6. The youngest daughter was the most beautiful.
7. A hundred years ago there lived a king.  
a. 7- 3- 6- 4-1-5- 2               b. 7-1- 6- 4-2- 5 - 3
c. 6 – 4 – 5 – 3 – 7 – 2 – 1  d. 7 – 4 – 1 – 6 – 3 – 5 – 2
e. 7-2-4-5-3-6-1

1. She couldn’t walk, so my father brought her home
2. He also promised that he would buy a cushion for him.
3. I am Really happy because I have a pet now
4. The cat was badly injured and her legs hurt
5. My father was on his way home from the office when he saw a cat.
6. After I put a bandage, my father said that I could have her as my pet
7. I call my pet Ginger and I will take care of her
8. At home, we cleaned the cat and put a bandage on her injured leg.
A. 5-8-6-7-2-1-4-3          b. 5-2-1-4-7-6-8-3
C. 5-1-8-2-4-7-6-3         d. 5-4-1-8-6-2-7-3   
             e. 5-4-7-6-2-1-8-3
1. The crow did over and over
2. Then it carried a stone and put it into the jar
3. Finally, it succeeded to drink and felt happily
4. Once upon a time, there was a crow. It wanted to drink water.
5. It did until the water is high enough to drink
6. However, the crow couldn’t reach the water
The best arrangement is…
a.4-6-2-1-5-3    b.4-6-5-2-1-3   c.4-1-6-2-5-3
d.4-2-6-5-1-3    e.4-6-3-1-3-5

1.The King of Kuripan was very wise.
2. Many princes  wanted to marry her.
3. Once upon a time in Lombok, there was a Kingdom named Kuripan.
4. The best one would be Mandalika’s husband.
5. To choose the one that would be the son in law, the King had an arrow shooting competition.
6. He had a daughter, named Mandalika who was very beautiful.
The best arrangement is….
A. 3-1-2-6-4-5  B 3-6-2-5-4-1   C. 3-1-6-2-4-5
D.3-6-1-2-5-4   E.3-1-6-2-5-4

N0 7
1.The crow felt very happy because the red ant helped him free
2.One day, a crow flew to a tree overlooking the river. Looking down, he saw a red ant struggling in the water.
3. The next day, a hunter spotted the crow and took aim. The ant was nearby and saw what about to happen. It crawled up the hunter’s leg and bit it. The gun shot went off in the wrong direction.
4. It pecked off a leaf and dropped it into the river. The ant crawled into it and floated safely.
The best arrangement is…
a.3-1-2-4      b.2-3-4-1        c.2-4-3-1       d.4-2-1-3

No 8
1.Baby Bear cried out “some one was sleeping in my bed and here she is”
2.When they went upstairs, they found out that Goldilocks was sleeping.
3. Once there were three bears that lived in a house located in the wood; a papa bear,mama bear, and a baby bear.
4.She jumped out of bed and ran of the house to go to her home
5.They decided to take a walk before breakfast to let their porridge cool
6.Goldilocks woke up when she saw the three bears.
The best arrangement is…
a.1-6-3-5-2-4      b.6-5-3-2-1-4     c.3-5-2-1-6-4
d.3-1-4-5-2-6      e.3-5-2-4-6-1
1.One night a fairy godmother came and made the doll alive. Gapetto was very happy.However, Pinocchio was very naughty. He often played truant or he stole in the store. He lied frequently.
2. Once there was a famous toy maker. He is Gapetto. He lived alone at his house. One day he made a beautiful doll, named Pinocchio. He liked the doll very much.
3. Finally, the fairy godmother blessed him. She changed him into a real boy. Pinocchio and his father lived happily forever.
4. one day a magician took him away. From that moment Pinocchio was in a very dangerous adventure. Gapetto tried to help him. Until one day they met inside the belly of a whale. Pinocchio realized that his father loved him very much. “I am sorry for making a lot of troubles for you, Dad,” Pinocchio said. Since then he became a good boy.
The best arrangement is….
a.2-1-4-3    b.2-4-1-3       c.4-1-2-3      d.4-2-1-3

1.Snow white knew about her evil plan. She escaped into a forest. There she made a friend with seven dwarfs.
2. The queen turned into a witch. Snow white did not realize it. The witch gave her poisoned apple. As a result, Snow White was put into sleep for years.
3. Long time ago, in the Neverland, there lived a very beautiful princess, Snow white.The Queen was her stepmother. She was very jealous of her beauty. So she wanted her to die.
4. Fortunately, in the end, Prince Charming received her with a kiss. They lived together happily ever after.
The best arrangement is….
a.3-1-2-4    b.3-1-4-2    c.3-2-1-4     d.3-2-4-1

1.The elephant went to the rat king and told him about  the trapped elephants
2. The elephant herd was totally set free, they danced with love and thanked to the rats.
3. Once upon a time there lived a ground of mice under a tree in peace.
4. One day elephant hunter came to the jungle and trapped a group of elephants in huge nets, then the elephant king suddenly remembered the king of rats
5. the Rat king immediately took his entire group of rat and they cut open the nets which had trapped the elephant herd.
6. Then the king of rats decided approach the elephant chief and request him to guide his herd through another road and so the life of the rats were saved
7. However, a group of elephants crossing the jungle unknowingly destroyed the all the rats home. Many of them were even crushed to death.

The best  arrangement  is....
  1. 3-7-6-4-1-5-2           C. 3-7-2-4-1-5-6
  2. 3-7-1-4-2-5-6           D. 3-7-2-4-5-1-6
1.The word was Catano
2. One day after he had been trying so many times to make the bird say Catano, The man really got very angry
3. The parrot was standing proudly and screaming at the last old chicken:” Say Catano or I’ll kill you.”
4. Once upon a time, a man had a wonderful parrot.
5. The man felt excited having the smatest parrot but he could not understand why the parrot would not say Catano.
6. He picked the parrot and throw it into the chicken house as they were as stupid as the chicken and he continued to humble,” You know, I will cut the chicken and the parrot  if you cannot say Catano.”
7. The parrot could say every word, except one word

The correct  arrangement  is.......
A.5-7-1-4-2-6-3           B. 2-6-3-7-1-5-4 
 C. 7-1-5-2-6-3-4
D. 4-7-1-5-2-6-3          E. 1-4-7-5-2-6-3

1.But no matter how hard it tried, it could not manage to pick them
2.A generous monkey noticed this, and threw him down a bunch
3. But the wife turned the crocodile against the monkey” if that monkey lives on bananas, then its liver must be big and sweet,” she said
4. The crocodile ate its fill and also left some of the bananas for its wife
5. A crocodile was trying to pick the bananas which grew on a palm trees near its pool.

The correct arrangement is....
A.1-5-2-4-3        B. 5-1-2-4-3      C. 1-5-4-2-3
D. 1-2-5-4-3       E. 5-2-1-4-3

1.At the further of the wood was another pretty cottage
2.There was once a sweet maid who lived in a pretty cottage
3.She gave her a red clockwith a hood which she always wear
4. Where grandmother lived in
5. Everybody loved this little girl, her grandmother loved her most of all
6. So, people called her Red Riding Hood

The best arrangement is....
A.1-2-4-3-5-6                B. 2-1-3-4-5-6
C.2-1-4-5-3-6                D. 1-2-3-4-5-6
E. 2-3-1-4-5-6

1.Finally, one of the frog listened to what the other frogs were saying and gave up. He fell down and died
2.When the other frog saw how deep the pit was, they told the two frogs that they were as good as dead. The two frogs ignored the comment and tried to jump up out of the pit with all their might
3. The other frog continued to jump as hard as he could. Once again the crowd of frogs yelled at him to stop the pain and just die.
4. The other frog kept telling them to stop, that they were as good as dead.
5. he jumped ever harder anf finally made it out. When he went out, The other frogs said,” didn’t you hear us, the frog explained to them that he was deaf. He thought they were encouranging him the entire time.
6. a group of frog were travelling through the woods, and some of them fell intoa deep pit
A.6-2-4-3-1-5        B.6-2-4-1-5-3    C. 6-2-4-1-3-5
D.6-2-1-4-3-5        E.6-2-1-3-4-5